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Dominick Concilio, Enrolled Agent

Dominick Concilio is an Enrolled Agent (EA) and federally licensed tax practitioner who passed a three-part comprehensive IRS test covering individual and business tax returns that allow him to represent taxpayers in tax matters before the IRS.

As the CEO of Citywide Income Tax Service, Dominick’s clients benefit from his more than 30 years of tax and business experience. 

From 1986 to 2001 Dominick managed a sweater manufacturing factory overseeing 53 employees with revenues of $2 million and handled all of the accounting, bookkeeping and cutting. He quickly realized that most of the accounting software available at the time was inadequate for his needs, so he designed his own software using FileMaker Pro. This new software provided the detailed financial reports he needed to analyze budgets and profitability of the company on a weekly basis. He also designed software to run the production for the factory where each department had a separate report to work from every day.

Dominick started preparing tax returns free of charge for a couple of his employees after noticing that their tax returns prepared by H & R Block contained numerous mistakes. He also felt they were being overcharged.  A few years later, as more employees came to him for tax help, he purchased Turbo Tax Software, charging $25 per return and preparing their returns on his own time. Before long, everyone wanted him to prepare their tax return, but he had to turn them down since he was still managing the sweater factory.

After the factory had closed due to imports (all the factories in the neighborhood closed), he became a Life/Accident and Health Agent in New York State and is still licensed.

In addition, Dominick was a Series 3 licensed futures/commodities broker and set up a futures firm where he gave futures trading seminars. He closed the firm in 2003 after realizing that selling was “just not for him.” He retained another company (still active) he had started where  he had developed software called "Vista Charts." This software charts the Dow Jones Industrial Average in daily, weekly, monthly charts back to 1896, as well as the S & P Futures intraday, and daily, weekly, monthly, back to 1982. This company is still active and in fact, he may still be the only one in the world that has the data charted.

In 2005 and 2006, he worked in a tax office as a preparer before launching Citywide Income Tax Service in 2005. 

Jermaine Penn, Preparer

Jermaine Penn has been working as a tax preparer at Citywide since 2006. In addition to his 15 years of experience serving the Coney Island community, Mr. Penn has completed over 200 hours of continuing education with the IRS. He is a family man who resides in the neighborhood and is proud to know all 300 of his clients by name.

“I enjoy working for Citywide because the company actually cares about the community. We are very family-oriented here at Citywide, and helping others is our top priority. We’re the only company that will fight your audits at no extra charge.”

Musfiqur Rahman, Preparer

Musfiqur Rahman is in pursuit of a Masters Degree in Accounting and plans to become a Certified Public Accountant. He values providing excellent customer service and understands the importance of being detail-oriented in the world of taxes. Mr. Rahman has a Bachelors in Science in Organizational Management and has over 10 years of professional experience varying in management, real estate, sales, and tax preparation.

"Every client that walks into our doors gives me an opportunity to use my skills in customer service, math, and problem solving in order to help them with their tax needs.”

Mariza Ruiz, Preparer & Administrative Specialist

Mariza Ruiz brings over 10 years of administrative experience to Citywide, playing an instrumental role in the office’s everyday functioning. Ms. Ruiz also brings her acute attention to detail and client-facing personability to the tax preparation side.

"I had been doing my taxes with Citywide Income tax for over 10 years. I now have been working here for over 3 years, and its like working with trusted friends and family.”


Shakeya Moore, Preparer

When Citywide opened its doors in 2005, Shakeya Moore was hired as the office manager. Born and raised in Brooklyn, she worked at Citywide for two tax seasons before moving out of state. Now she’s back—this time as a tax preparer and assistant. Ms. Moore holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in the same field.

“I love working with numbers!”

Maritza Guadalupe, Corporate Bookkeeper

Maritza Guadalupe joined Citywide in 2015 as a corporate bookkeeper. With a BA in Business Administration & Accounting and an expertise in corporate bookkeeping, Ms. Guadalupe handles the payroll accounting, financial reporting, and accounts for 60 clients. Ms. Guadalupe enjoys working at Citywide for many reasons and likes that Dominick and the others are very knowledgeable.

“The staff is very friendly at Citywide. Dominick is a real people person. We are like a family.”

Jessica Drigun Lara, Administrative Manager

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